Install Solutions


Install Solutions

Dealers Wholesale is Turnkey Solutions Provider

Professional installation is essential and the key to keeping door openings functioning properly and safely. We take pride in our quality service. You can be assured that products will be properly installed on a timely basis without having to worry about finding the manpower. Our depth of experience enables Dealers Wholesale to provide our clients with Constructive Solutions to their Division 8, 10, and 28 needs. Throughout the process, from Estimating to Installation & Service, we will be your Partner – helping you make the best choices for your project.









One company to coordinate with regarding material and installation.

Our Project Mangers stay aligned with your construction schedule by consistently communicating with your field personnel and using our Delivery Matrix tool.

Material delivery is coordinated internally between the Installation Manager and Dealers Project Manager closer to the actual installation schedule, which reduces the potential for onsite damage and finger pointing.

We can catch manufacturing or product defects and fix them without the Contractor having to be involved, saving you time. 









We will coordinate a Project Kick-off Meeting with your field personnel and our Team.

You will have a contact designated as Dealers Wholesale’s Site Foreman.

Our Installation Manager will be making periodic visits to the jobsite to ensure your project is executed professionally, with attention to all the details required to meet our quality standards.

We will attend your Progress Meetings to ensure we do our part to keep your project on schedule.

We will conduct our own Pre-Punch Walk to eliminate potential punch list items.

At your request we will walk the project with you to ensure all openings are functioning properly and safely. 


Our Team







You will have a dedicated Project Manager assigned to manage your project. Our Project Managers are responsible for high customer satisfaction feedback from field personnel driven by jobsite awareness and consistent communication. 

One contact for Installation & Service scheduling, who is responsible for making sure our Installers, Service Techs, and Subcontractors are always professional, organized, respectful, cooperative, and collaborative with other trades on site.

We have an OSHA certified Team of Installers and Service Techs who take pride in providing reliable, quality, and timely service. This Team is responsible for staying on or ahead of the project schedule, resolving field issues, and delivering best-in-class customer service.

Some projects we will utilize Subcontractors from our Approved Subcontractor List. Our vetting process includes in-person interviews, previous projects list, reference checks, skills assessments, background checks, OSHA requirements, safety training, and equipment certifications.