multi-family Hardware


Multi-Family Hardware

Dealers Wholesale offers a full range of security and architectural hardware solutions, from value conscious options to high‐end decorative hardware. Our broad portfolio of hardware brands gives you multiple options for every opening.

When choosing a door hardware solution, you must consider multiple factors, including code requirements, door type, aesthetic appeal, individuals using the opening, assets behind a door, and any other security specifications of the building. We help streamline the specification process. Our consultants have experience with the unique needs of various types of projects. Our goal is to simplify hardware specifications and provide the right products to meet the needs of all of your opening and building requirements.

Electronic Lock Solutions

Electronic locks, readers and credentials provide enhanced security levels that let you set unique levels of access rights by person.

Mechanical Lock Solutions

Dealers Wholesale offers a variety of mechanical lock choices for every type of opening. And, because we understand form is as important as function,we offer locks in multiple styles and finishes to accentuate the architecture or interior design of any multi-family dwelling.

Complete Opening Solutions

Dealers Wholesale has every component you need for a complete openingn solution. In addition to our broad portfolio of mechanical and electronic door locks, we have a full selection of exit devices, closers, hinges, door pulls, doors and frames so you can streamline your process and specify every part of the opening all from one provider with proven performance.