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Outdoor Kitchens

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An outdoor kitchen or firepit not only completely transform your clubhouse into the ultimate outdoor retreat, but also adds value to your business. Dealers Wholesale offers a variety ofoutdoor fireplaces, kitchens and firepits to suit any style. Our experts will help you to find a perfect solution for your project. We offer an affordable, quality system that is professionally engineered and professionally manufactured to deliver superior value in the outdoor kitchen segment. The modular pieces are made from an engineered, galvanized steel stud and fastener system with a Permabase skin.

Outdoor Kitchens Design Guide

Step 1: Pick Appliances


We provide drawings for each order, allowing you to have a scaled rendering of your appliance and layout selections. These drawings are great for marking out dimensions on a patio, or integrating the kitchen into a larger build.

Step 2: Design Layout


Our modular system takes a fraction of the time of masonry block, and the open framing design allows for faster and easier placement of gas, electrical, and water lines.

Step 3: Select Finishes


Complete your project by finishing with any stone, stucco,or tile finish. Enjoy the beauty of natural finishes with the speed and ease of a pre-built system.