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Providing Warmth, Comfort and Security

A door is not just a door – it’s security.
A lock is not just a lock – it’s peace of mind.
A fireplace is not just a fireplace – it’s warmth. It’s comfort.

Dealers Wholesale is not just a construction and building materials company – we are a for-profit organization with a non-profit heart. We work for a Cause. And we believe that the more we grow, the more GOOD we can do.

Dayspring Center - Indianapolis 2021


 About the Initiative

The Dayspring Center is a homeless shelter in the Indianapolis community that focuses largely on homeless families with children. The Dayspring Center is unique in that they allow men and unmarried couples into the shelter, so as not to separate the family. The shelter provides temporary living quarters to help these families – most often members of the working poor – get back on their feet. Because the Dayspring Center exists, these families have a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat, and a private living area where they can shut and lock the door to feel some semblance of normal during this difficult period of their lives.

This organization aligns very well with our Cause of providing Warmth, Comfort, and Security. Because Dayspring Center exists, homeless families throughout Indianapolis have a warm bed, and private living quarters with a door and a lock to provide them with a sense of security while they are getting back on their feet. Additionally, many of their renovation needs revolve around doors, frames, and hardware!

Initiative Update

The Center had significant renovation needs to make it a more secure and comfortable place for the families they house. These needs included:

    • Several places in which doors, frames, and hardware need updating or replacing
    • New access control systems on some of the main entry doors
    • New coats of paint in the living quarters where the families stay

 The Center hosts a summer camp for children each year, which caters mostly to children ages 5-12. The shelter had significand need for food, health, safety and children activities supplies.

Over the course of several months Dealers Wholesale partnered with Dayspring Center to provide for these needs. The Big Good Event was completed in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Supply Drive for the Summer Camp

Phase 2: Painting the residents' living quarters and bathrooms

Phase 3: Install doors and access control systems


For Phase 1, we hosted a Food & Supply Drive for Camp Discovery- the organization’s annual children’s summer camp. This camp gives these children somewhere to go, learn, and grow after school is out so their parents can continue to go to work and move in the direction of being able to afford housing again.

For Phase 2, we spent three days completely repainting the resident rooms and bathrooms. It was heartbreaking to see the strollers, the pack and plays, the toys in these rooms – these are not just homeless individuals. These are families that the Center is helping to find security and normalcy.

For Phase 3, we leaned into our niche as an organization and supplied and installed two new doors in openings that previously had none, and added access control for increased security. In the words of the front desk attendant for resident housing, “These people can feel safe here now.”

For some, it may seem as though it is just a pair of flip-flops and a coloring book. It may just be a fresh coat of paint. They’re just doors. However, for the residents of Dayspring Center, it’s a sense of peace in knowing that their children can have a safe and fun summer. It’s feeling comfortable at a time when no place feels like home. It’s being able to know you are safe when nowhere else feels secure. It’s Warmth, Comfort, and Security- the Dealers Wholesale Cause.



Habitat for Humanity 2017

Habitat for Humanity   Smilth Build 11.21.17About the Initiative

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization working in nearly 1,400 communities across the United States and in approximately 70 countries around the world to build or renovate housing for families in need. These homes provide safety, stability, and self-reliance for those living under the roof. For more information on how you can donate and/or volunteer, visit Habitat.org.

Initiative Update

This year, our team members joined Indy Habitat for Humanity over the Thanksgiving holiday. We joined a talented group of volunteers to build a new home on 48th Street in Indianapolis. This year we donated the doors, hardware, and assisted with the installation, getting to flex our carpentry muscles.

We would also like to send a special congratulations to the Smith family on their new home!


Gleaners Food Drive 2017

Gleaners Food DriveAbout the Initiative

Did you know that 1 in 6 Hoosiers go hungry every day? Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana was formed with the intent of feeding hungry Hoosiers. With more than 200 agencies across the state, Gleaners has programs dedicated to youth, the elderly, SNAP recipients, and military veterans. Every year, our employees put their full support behind this respected organization, and host a food drive donation. Please join us in extending a helping hand to Gleaners in their continued fight against hunger!

Initiative Update

In 2017, our annual food drive was a great success! We had employees and community members bring in handfuls of perishable food to give to Hoosiers in need. We would like to thank everyone that donated food to support Gleaners and their mission.

Toys for Tots 2017

About the Initiative

Join us this December in our mission to collect a mountain of toys for Toys for Tots. We would greatly appreciate it if you'd consider dropping by our showroom to donate a toy to a child in need, making their smile a little bigger this Christmas. Even more exciting, Hasbro's has joined Toys for Tots with their "You Give One, We Get Two" program. When you donate any new toy or game through the 2017 holiday season, Hasbro will match that donation, giving away up to one million gifts! For more information on how your organization can help, visit ToysForTots.org.

Initiative Update

We would like to sincerely thank all those that stopped by and donated a toy or game. Over the course of December, Dealers Wholesale was able to collect gifts for children from our employees, their friends and families, and additional community members. It was great to see neighbors rally behind this cause, and ensure that some children won’t have to worry about not having presents to open this Christmas. 

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